Online Murder Mystery


You always wanted to be a crime scene detective?


Now you can do it from home!

Your exciting Online Murder Mystery

Want some fun together with the team?

This is how it works from the comfort of your own home…...

- Solve a mysterious criminal case with your own team of investigators

- Live questioning of real witnesses

- Real actors turn the team event into a genuine hands-on thriller

- Experience an exciting live thriller without leaving your home

- Available in both German & English languages

- A shared experience that connects and motivates people and teams

A wickedly good team event

In this exciting criminal case, you slip into the role of a special investigator. In cooperation with your team, you will investigate all the evidence at the crime scene, interview witnesses and check their alibi and motives. 

As special investigators, will you and your team succeed in uncovering and solving this mysterious criminal case?

Your home becomes a virtual crime scene…..

What’s really noteworthy is that you question real witnesses during your investigations. The live actors who participate in this murder murdery make this event a real hands-on crime thriller.

Only through meticulous investigations and teamwork will you be able to find the perpetrator. 

But hurry as time is running out. Other investigative teams are also working this case. Show off your skills as an investigator and solve the murder. The race is on against your competing investigative teams also hot on the pursuit of the killer…..

Your exciting Online Murder Mystery Overview 

Number of Participants

20 participants or more


Up to 20 participants there is a flat rate starting from € 1,180

Between 20 and 100 participants starting from € 59 per person


 100 participants or more starting from € 54 per person


A flexible choice between 2 or 3 hours


Online event


To bring your team together and have fun even in times when personal contact may not be possible. 

Our 3 Online Murder Mystery scenarios

The Glass Track

Exciting mafia story

A young woman is found shot dead in the home of her best friend. Was it a crime of passion or is there perhaps more to it?

Take charge of the investigation and solve the case.

The Dark Eye

 A most unusual intrigue

The corpse of a professor is found by his daughter. Everything points to a natural death. But shortly before his death, the deceased left a mysterious video message that puzzles the police. In it he warns of a secret society that was banned in the middle of the 17th century. 

Deadly Net

Exciting Thriller Involving a Medical Backdrop

Vivian Sommer finds her husband, Marc Sommer, at the bottom of their empty swimming pool. Is it just a clumsy accident or is there foul play involved? Register as part of the special investigative team that takes over the case and solves the crime.

What our customers say about our Online Murder Mysteries ...

"Thank you very much! The event was great! We really had a lot of fun! It is an extremely good idea in these times to offer the event online."

- Ferrero

Very HAPPY! 

“Thank you very much for organizing our virtual team event at short notice. 

The online crime thriller was exciting and entertaining, but above all it was made extremely special by the actor’s performances.

Our team had a lot of fun investigating together. We would be pleased to further recommend you .”

-Clariant SE

 "I wanted to thank you and everyone involved for the great event, the organization and everything that goes with it. 

That was really great!

I only got good feedback."


What our customers say about our Online Murder Mysteries ...

Receive case file
Prior to the event, we will email you a criminal case file and several clues that may help you solve the case.

We recommend that you read these through in advance so that you are prepared for when the event begins.

Log in
Also in the run-up to the event, we will email all participants a Zoom or Microsoft Teams access link. Please log in about 10 minutes before the start of the event. Have a piece of paper and pen ready, as well as the (printed) criminal case file. Then, simply make yourself comfortable in your own investigator's chair.

A professional actor awaits you in our virtual "Investigation Center". Under expert guidance, he will divide you into teams and give you detailed instructions. You will be guided step by step through the exciting online murder mystery.